EGAMANIA is a legal company in Ghana that is out to bring true the dreams of the Ghanaian youth. It offers a lot of opportunities that will allow you earn money legitimately through your airtel mobile money. It has been tested and tried and very real. You can visit their website to inquire more. There is no time to waste. Join me and let's make Ghana a better place. You will first of all buy a book then invite more people to buy also and that is how it begins... Hurry 
Only serious and ambitious people should join this team 
1.For now, you need an Airtel with mobile money activated and loaded with not less than GH¢ 30(other networks will be added soon)
2.Go to
and click on BUY A BOOK from the website to purchase an EGAMANIA e-book version
3.Enter your Airtel or MTN Number to make payment for your book
4.Authenticate the payment on your mobile phone with your Mobile Money Account PIN
5.At a point, if you are asked to put your sponsors name or number. These are your sponsors numbers 233265142195. And, I'm your sponsor.
6.Follow the remaining instructions on the EGAMANIA website to complete your purchase and membership form
7.Once completed, you will receive your EGAMANIA password on your phone to start enjoying all EGAMANIA features
Join my team today, lets help change lives.
WHATSAPP me for more details +233507119720

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