Most of us here already has some knowledge on bulk SMS and how that works but we will like to look at it again and see how we can make some income with that. 

What is Bulk SMS 

Almost everyday, we receive messages on our phones from our banks, schools, work places and even our network operators. All these are sent using Bulk SMS service. 

Most people consider SMS as a traditional way of sending messages but it is still very effective and widely used all over the world because recipients receive messages instantly no matter the type of phones they are using.
Bulk SMS gives people an opportunity to send a unique message to so many people just at a click. That is why you sometimes realise that your friend just received the same message you received from MTN a minute ago.
Sometimes when a school wants to convey an important message to all it's students, they use Bulk SMS.

How does Bulk SMS works

Bulk SMS works just like sending a message from your phone to a friend. The difference here is that, this gives you the opportunity to;
  1. Select any number of people you wish to send the message to. All you need to do is to input the list of numbers in the recipient category. It can be numbers from different networks, it will still work. Just separate each number with a comma (,) or sometimes space. Most Bulk SMS service will give you the preferred one. This means you should have the phone numbers of the people you intend to send the message to at hand. 
  2. Customize the Senders ID. Senders ID is the name that appears as the sender of the message. If you receive a message from MTN GH, then MTN GH is the senders ID.

In Bulk SMS service, you can choose any name you want to be displayed to your recipient when they receive the message. 

How do I make money sending Bulk SMS

I know people that make a lot of money sending bulk SMS for clients. 
If you have knowledge on this service and how it works, which you just acquired, then you can charge people who would like to reach a group of people with messages. All you need to do is to take the list of numbers from them, then head to your Bulk SMS dashboard and execute the task.
Most of the Bulk SMS Services in Ghana accept mobile money as means of payment. All you will have to do is to buy credit which will indicate the number of SMS you can use that to send. From the amount you will use in buying the credit, you can know the amount to also charge your client so that you can make profit from it.

You can run Bulk SMS Service for a school by sending bulk messages to students at once.
If you're in school too and it's time for elections, most contestants always want to reach out to their colleague students through messages. You can grab that opportunity too. 
Sometimes people organize programs and take numbers of the participants to keep them updated on up coming programs and other relevant informations, Bulk SMS can come to play too in reaching out to them.
There are so many instances where the services of Bulk SMS will be needed and you can always step in to make money from that. 

What are some of the Bulk SMS Services in Ghana I can use.

There are so many bulk SMS service providers out there. But I have a few trusted ones here to show. You can explore for more, search on Google to learn about others if you desire but just make sure you're dealing with a trusted company. 
Almost all of them have varied prices, so you have to compare the prices and know which one to choose. 
When you visit the sites, they have a tap for Pricing, you can check their prices from there. 
You should also check the payment mode they accept before proceeding though most of them I checked accept mobile money. 
There's a tap to check the networks supported as well, thus the networks you can use their service to send SMS to. I believe all of them support the main networks we have in Ghana but you can check to be sure. 

Below are some trusted Bulk SMS Service providers in Ghana 

As I said earlier, they are so many out there, take your time to do some findings and compare the prices then choose what you think is best for you. 

Bonus: You can also use the Bulk SMS service to customize a message to a loved one, maybe on their birthday or just to surprise them. You want them to receive the message and the name of the sender will be "Yours Only" or "Cupcake" 😀😍☺ You know all the sweet words. 

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