Egamania is out to empower the youth of Ghana to build their dreams through innovation. 
Very soon, Egamania will be on the lips of every Ghanaian. It works like this, you need to purchase a book for 30 cedis using airtel mobile money( others might be added later ). After purchasing, you invite three friends( your prospects) After they register, you account is upgraded and as they also bring in three people each, you are upgraded again. Now you have a lot of members on your team. As they also bring more people and they in turn bring more, you just sit down, relax, and the money flows into your account. 
As you register, you will have to work hard to make sure that your three prospects will be serious to also bring in more serious members. 
Now the purpose for this post is to reveal that, if you are fortunate to be part of these people who are registering now, imagine when a lot of people from all over Ghana have registered, it will be obvious that the members from your team are part of those registering these many other people. Then your team grows up. 

Visit Egamania website to learn  more and understand the terms and conditions. 
If you are serious and want to be part of these great people to move Ghana register here.

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