Hello readers, I intend to bring to your notice a very tricky plan some guys use these days to fraud people or decieve people to send them money.
It first started with strange people calling to tell you that they have a motor bike, a car, a house or even a piece of land they are willing to sell to you at a very cheap price. Some of them will promise to bring it to you where ever you are if you could just sent them some amount of money so that they can solve a serious problem in which they are in. Some will say they are under police custody and they just need that amount so that they can be granted bail then after that they can bring the product to you. I have witnessed a case where some frauder gives the phone to his colleagues so he could pretend to be a police man. Their words really sound so convincing and appealing and so you should be careful when people call you to have such deals with you.

 Just recently they have adopted another format. This one is very tricky. They will call you telling you they have mistakenly sent an amount to your number and they will be able to tell you the name you used to register the mobile money. This is how they get to know the name you use to register. They will attempt sending money to your number, the amount count even be one cedi after all, they won't send it. Then in the process, your name appears so that they can confirm it. So instead of confirming, they cancel the process and take note of your name and then call you. So when you hear that they are able to tell you the name you used in registering your mobile money, you might end up concluding it is true.
These people usually do this around the end of the month when they think workers have taken salary and will be doing a lot of transactions. If you don't take note of this, you might end up sending your hard earned money to a lazy person somewhere.
Never send money to someone who calls claiming they have sent you money. Always check your wallet when you hear those claims.
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