Hello fellas, I previously wrote an article about how to create a verified PayPal account in Ghana but most people were finding difficulties in creating their accounts and that's why I have come up with another simple and comprehensive way to create an account with your own Ghanaian number and details and verify it with that number.
You don't need to get a foreign number to verify your account. The steps are very simple and we will all have our accounts created with ease if we follow keenly.

We will not be needing any VPN because we are going to use just an African IP address and then create the account using any African country with PayPal service allowed, in our case we will be using Kenya since it's also an English speaking country.
Actually there some countries in Africa that are Francophone and if we should use that, then everything will be in French.
We can't also use Nigeria because Nigeria was part pf the blacklisted countries just like Ghana but they have been given an opportunity to only send money through PayPal but they cannot receive any funds. It will be of no use creating a Nigerian PayPal for yourself if you really intend using it to receive money.

Let's get started

As I said earlier, we are going to be using PayPal Kenya to create the account but we will use our Ghanaian number which I advise should be a valid number because if you want to verify it, they will send you a code through that number.
Another important thing to note is that we will be creating a Business Account for this to work well for us. Business accounts really gives you an opportunity to have a lot of options to choose from including nationally.
Do not think because you have no business, you can not run a PayPal Business account. It rather gives you an opportunity to have control over the account. You can use it to send and receive money from people all over the world since it's a business account and you can have your clients everywhere. So let's go forward to look at the steps.

Steps in creating your account.

Am going to provide a screenshot for each step so that you can easily understand the process.

The first step is to head onto your web browser and input the web address for PayPal Kenya which is paypal.com/ke
You should have what you see in the image below

Next is to tap on Sign Up For Free

Then tick on Business Account and click Continue

Input your email address and click next. You should not use an email address you have used in creating a PayPal account before and the email should be valid as well.
Then you fill in the particulars here.
If the name of your business is Danny Tech, Put Danny as Legal first name and Tech as Legal last name then Danny Tech as Business Name. But you can just use your name and you'll pass the process but in the format I just described.
In the portion I have circled, that's where you will have to change in order to use your Ghanaian number successfully. When you tap that portion you'll be presented with a list of countries then you choose Ghana from there and input your number.
Do not include the 0 at the beginning of your number so we will have something like 247645633 instead of 0247645633

You can use your house number as Business address, or your postal address, followed  by your Town/ City and also Region or Province can be the region you reside.
Use 00233 as Postal code. After all these, tick to agree and click on Agree and Continue.

Then you'll be taken to another page to add more description of your business. Note that you are not creating it for a business but do take note of all data you're using in case you'll need it later.
Under business type, select Individual. If you select some other option it might not give you the opportunity to select Ghana as the Nationally so I advise you choose Individual.

Under Product or Services, you can choose anything from the list and you can neglect businessURL and Continue.
This is the last step, under Nationality  you should change that to Ghana and choose any ID type. You can choose national ID and under ID number you input your Voters ID number. You can also use a passport or Drivers License. You have to provide your date of birth and Submit.

Boom! You have your PayPal account under your details which you can use for your online transactions. But you will need to go and confirm your email first.

Let me know in the comment box if you're have challenges and don't forget to share.



  1. Thanks for our article is very helpful even though i haven't tried yet. I want to ask of you want to login to your account after creation, should you always login to PayPal/ke?

    1. There wouldn't be a problem if you just log in straight from PayPal.com.
      It is because we wanted to create the account like we were in Kenya, that's why we used paypal.com/ke.
      Eventhough when you still use that, you can login in successfully.
      Thank you and your comment is highly appreciated

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