Today, we are so much concerned with making money very fast that we fail to really understand what we are up to and the procedures to follow. We receive messages from our friends everyday telling us to open links and also refer people and get payed. The question you should always ask them before deciding to also create an account and start sending links on social media asking friends to join is "where is you payment proof"
Most of the site promise to pay a lot of money which cannot even be possible. How can you sit at home, refer about 50 people and they promise to give you about $500 and you think it's true.
When you refer people your money keep increasing on your account dashboard and that it true, but those are just numbers and not money. Most of the sites will block your account when you reach the minimum payout. And that is all for you. Some of them ask you to complete a difficult task and they just get reasons not to pay you any Money. Well it's not you alone they are not paying, they have never paid anyone
Please I am not saying there are no genuine sites online that pay for surveys and refers but there are more of them that is just scam. In fact this website is dedicated to serving you with the right information as far as making money online is concerned.
They are looking for heavy traffic(visitors)  on their sites so they just use this method to achieve their target. Beware and don't use your data and precious time doing something that will earn you nothing
Sometimes we receive messages too and whatsapp that promise of huge volumes of data for free. When you try visiting the site, they ask that you share to a number of contacts or groups before you can receive the data. But after that, you are either not able to visit the link again or they keep asking you to share. Don't forget that the people you are sharing too will also share to their contacts and you can imagine the number of traffic that site will receive per day. Be wise and stop sharing every link that says they will pay you for referring your friends. Don't get too excited over offers and begin sharing link on every social media platform.
What to do when you receive such links
The first thing is for you to use your conscience. What they promise is too good to be true and if that was possible then people would quit their regular jobs and move to those referral sites. They only deceive you work for them and they don't pay you anything
The second thing to do is to run a check on that site. Search on Google about how true such a site might be. There are several platforms on the internet that reviews scam site. Assuming the name of the site is "makemoneyquick.com" all you need to do is to go to Google search and type "makemoneyquick.com review" you will get a lot of sites that will really teach you about that referral site, whether it is scam or legit.
Always do this before you start wasting your time
As I said earlier, there are several ways you can make money online but they demand a lot of effort and hard work and sometimes resources investment. You can't just become very Rich over a night.
There are several post on this site mylocalgist.com that teaches you some legitimate ways to make money online

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