Do you know there is an opportunity for Google users(gmail) to back up information they might want to keep online to a secure cloud storage for free.
Google Drive offers users with free 15GB of storage. You can upgrade this if you want to store files that may exceed 15Gigabytes.
Sometimes we want to format or reset our phones but afraid we might loose some important content. We sometimes go through the stress of copying it into someone's phone then after we reset we copy it back. What if you just back it up to Google Drive so that it will be secured there for you to retrieve it anytime at all you want it. You can back up pictures, videos, word document and a lot of files to Google Drive.
Just download Google Drive android application from play store by searching, then you sign in using your gmail account and you are good to go.
Never loose any important document. You can even scan your certificates and back them up for safety, so that you can always reprint them anytime you loose the original copies..
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