Hello everyone, I trust you're doing well. I haven't been able to share any content here for some time now due some little hitches but I assure you everything is resolved and relevant content will be posted here regularly. So always feel free to check in.

We all browse through social media and come across an interesting video or picture we would have loved to keep on our phone's gallery but unfortunately, those platforms do not offer the opportunity to download them directly. Well, today I am going to share with you an app that can be used to download any media file from any social media platform or site. The good thing about this app is that, it identifies any media file in any given link and offers you an opportunity to download which type you want, either a picture, video or mp3 file

The app is a premium app(paid app) but I am offering the cracked version to you for free.

If it is a Facebook video you want to download, all you need to do is to tap on the three dots at the right corner of the video and select, "Copy Link" then a pop up from the app will appear immediately asking you if you want to download this media, then you tap on download. 

On Instagram too, just follow the steps given above, tap on the three dots at the right corner and copy link, the three pop up appears too and you download. 

Another method is to just copy the link and go to the app and paste it on the address bar and download from there. 

If you also want to download on YouTube or spotify, just share the link and from the list of apps, select Videoder and you can download from there. 

The good thing about this app too is that you can just download directly from any site you're browsing without having to close and go to app.

The name of the app is Videorder and I hope you enjoy using it.

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