Important things to note When doing business Online

as online business is growing, there are a lot of people out there who will deceive you into sending them money and you never ear from them again. before you do any online business, you should personally know the location and residence of the partner you are dealing with. some of them will tell you they do not have offices, that they only do business online. Be careful of these people....they are fraudsters. others also insist that you send them the money first before they render the services to you. if you are not so sure of such a company, don't send the money because if you do, they will never answer your call again. Always contact people who are into that before taking any decision. Always take your time, if people Google to know how reliable such a company or individual is. don't always consider the testimonies on some websites. they are setups. And again there are some people out there in the internet market with products that never exist. never rush sending them money before they deliver a product to you. BE CAREFUL OF INTERNET SCAM

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