You do not need much computer knowledge for this. All you need is just a gmail account and you are there.
Google AdSense is a platform that offers adverts from different companies on your site or channel any get paid. I will talk about two simple ways today.
1. I already explained how to create on your own blog for free using blogger on one of my post. You can go to the homepage and view it in my posts for more clarification. After you create your blog, you have to decide on the content you will publish that can bring more people to your site. When you have a lot of traffic on your site, for some time you can apply for Google AdSense. When your account is approved, you start making lots of money  Google AdSense post ads on your site or blog. This will depend on how regular you have people visiting your blog/site.

2. We all have been watching movies on YouTube and sometimes you wish you could upload your own video for the whole world to see. Yea, it's fun, not just fun but can also be profitable. All you need is to login to YouTube with your gmail account and upload your own videos. Do not upload a video that a different person had uploaded already. Make sure your videos are unique. Now after uploading your videos you can use them to make money as Google AdSense place add on your video. So you should work on uploading videos that people will be very interested in.
If you are done with that you can go to the menu, then select my channel. This should be done using a p.c or you switch YouTube to desktop from your phone. From "my channel", select video manager and select Channel from the sub  menu that will. From there, you select monetization and enable it. You will be asked for Google AdSense account. Login with your gmail and confirm that you are using it for YouTube.

There's are a lot of scam sites that can deceive you into so many registrations and referral, but there's no way you will get paid. With Google AdSense, you don't need to pay anything. So feel free to trying.

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