Google AdSense Ghana. An offer from Google

Most Ghanaians are always frustrated and disappointed when it comes to earning online because they have been deceived by lots of sites online.
Well, Google is not a company you should doubt. They pay you legitimately for you hard work and this is how it happens;
You offer them a site where they can post advertisements then you get paid for that. As a beginner, Blogger is the best tool you can use to create a site or blog.
Learn how to create a free blog

After creating your blog, the next important thing will be how to bring more visitors to your blog
Post anything of your choice that will attract visitors to your site. When you continue with this and have posted a lot of posts on your site you can apply for google AdSense. When your account is approved, they will start posting ads on your site and you will also start earning
Google AdSense can pay you with Western Union .

You can also earn money by Google AdSense using YouTube to upload unique videos and I will come out with another blog on that.

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