MTN is the largest telecommunication network in Ghana. They have a lot of services within their network especially their mobile money service which is widely used across the country. This makes  MTN a nationwide network.
If you travel to a village where its very difficult getting coverage, you by all means get a signal on MTN though its going to be weak
Apart from the above service, they also offer a strong and reliable Internet service to customers. Their Internet service is very strong all over Ghana because in the northen part of Ghana where the other Networks do not offer 3G service, MTN extends its 3G service to all these places.
MTN have revised their internet bundle packages. They use to have 2G unlimited service for 24hours which perhaps was not too strong and couldnt be used to download anything of large size. Sometimes opening some web pages always had a problem.
Now this 2G unlimited is no more but another package is included which i want to talk about.

They now offer 3G unlimited service for a cool one ghana cedi. This ranges from 3am to 5am dawn. If you want to download anything on your PC or android with a very large size, you can make use of this offer because no matter how large the file is, it should be able to be downloaded within 2hours
Below are screenshorts on how to subscribe for this package

Dial the internet bundle short code which is *138# then a menu like this appears
Select 1 which is Internet Bundle then click/select on send. Another page appears like this one below

When you see this, you will need to select 4 which represents Unlimited, then you click/select on send. Another page appears like this one below
Then you Select 1 which is first on the list and send. A confirmation page will appear then you confirm.

 You don't have to wait till that time to register. You have to register before/during the day, then the service will take effect when it gets to this time. You can follow the same steps if you want to register for any unlimited bundle but when you get to this stage you select the number of the package you are interested in.
You can again go directly to this page by dialing *138*1*4# then proceed from there

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