If someone had told you it is very easy to come to the internet and earn lots of money, then the person is not being truthful to you. Most people come online and look for the quickest way they can earn money. Most people are confused and easily convinced with sites that deceive them to share and refer to friends in order to earn huge sums of money. Come to think of it, how can you be paid such huge sums of money just sharing a website. there are so many scam websites that deceive so that you can generate more page visitors for them, talking about the huge sums they will pay you, forget of that.

So i want to lay bare before some of the things you can do on your free time to earn money. This doesn't guarantee that you will be successful in it.That will depend on the effort you put into it.

One genuine way i will be talking about is developing your own website and post relevant content to attract more page viewers then you monetize it or allow companies to advertise their products so that you can earn something out of it. Before you can have a running website, you will need a lot of funds(money) to start but thee are alternatives to start if you have no money just like i have started something small.
You have create a free blog with google at blogger. It is very simple to use as a beginner so that as time goes on you can get a paid domain name to take over.

When you create a blog and begin to post and attract more audience, then you can apply for google adsense account. Your blog must be well organized before you can apply if not your application will not be approved.
When it is not approved for the first time, work on it and keep trying. You wont get it that easy. Now when google approve your adsense account, they will begin to place adverts(ads) on your blog so that they will pay depending on your page views and how your audience interact with the ads. You will need a lot of hard work here.
You can also advertise with other alternatives instead of adsence if you have a reasonable traffic. Just google "adsense alternatives" and you will get to know of other companies that can advertise on your site.

If you have much knowledge on how to develop websites, then the  above will be easy for you. You will also be able to develop develop websites for institutions, companies, business people and generate a lot of money. I have seen people who do this alone to earn a living

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