A lot of people go to internet looking for ways to earn extra income. But before you get into things like this, you should really know what you can do best and that can have an impact on how you will earn. Am going to be listing some things you should know before going online to look for a job.
First of all, there are so many category of businesses online and am going to talk much on some of them
1. Affiliate marketing. This is one way people are using to earn decent income online. In affiliate marketing, you promote a product or advertise a product and when people make purchase through your promotion, you will have a commission to take. There are so many ways you can use to promote your affiliate products. You can use social media especially groups that have to do with the product you are promoting. Before choosing a product you want to promote, you should consider the demand for such a product and your ability to advertise such a product. You can also create a website to use as a platform to advertise that product. But you should know that you only earn if people buy the product through you and it requires a lot work
2. You can also invest online. Before you invest on any website, do a background check on that site because there are a lot of scam site on the internet. You should know about the reputation and good testimonies about that site. 

Online investment involves a lot. If you really want to earn from this, you should have a lot of patience. Most investors want to earn very fast and they end up landing on sites that are not genuine. You can also invest in bitcoins which I will writing as a full article soon.
3. Blogging. Do you have the ability to write quality content?
Then you should consider blogging. This talks about writing articles on specific topics which interest people. If you're able to to write quality content and get people always reading from your site, then you will be able to place advertisements related to what you post and you can earn from there.
4. You can also go on with survey. You complete surveys and you get paid. The issue with online surveys is that, it depends on your location and so some surveys might not be available for you. Some survey sites also have a minimum payment that is easy to attain but with patience and hard work you can push through
One thing you should also know before getting into any of this is the medium you are going to be paid through. You should have a working medium before engaging and if you have any means of receiving your payment for a job online, you need to work that out first
So with the above knowledge, you should know what you're going for when you're surfing the net for online business
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