We are in a world where sharing of pictures via social media has become part of our lives. We love to share with friends the events we partake in like weddings, graduations, naming ceremonies and so many activities that interest us and we would like to share.
More importantly, some of us send pictures to graphic designers from different places to edit a banner or flyer and send back to us.

But when you send an image via WhatsApp, the image is always compressed to a lesser file size as compared to the original image. Because the size of the image reduces, it affects the quality of the image and the person receiving doesn't receive it with a good quality especially when the image is an HD Image. Most modern cameras now capture images in this format and such images are good for graphic works. Even some phones now capture HD Images.
But the sad thing is that, when they are on your phone and looks so beautiful, they loose that beauty when you send them to someone else on WhatsApp.

I have been a victim of this issue as I always send pictures taken with my DSRL Camera to friends and they complain of the quality until I came across a solution. From my phone the pictures look good but when I send it to them, it is always a different story. Now, I figured out a solution to that problem and I would like to share with you.

These are the simple steps you can follow to send an Image in its original format and quality via WhatsApp, 

The trick here is that we will have to send the Pictures in a form of Document
Note: If the Picture size is 4MB, it will still be 4MB when the person receives it. No compression


1. Open a chat with the person you want to send Images to and click the Attachment Button indicated with a red circular as shown in the image below

 2. Select Document from the list that appears

 3. Click on Browse other docs..

4. If the Image(s) is part of the recent Images, you can select them straight away but if not, you will have to click on three white lines on the top left of your screen to select them

5. This is where you now open to the folder containing the Images to select them.
If they are on the Phone's storage, you will select the Phone indicated with the red triangle or you could choose from the SD Card just below the Phone or tap on Images at the top to display all Image related folders for you to select from.
6. Now select the Image or tap and hold to select multiple Images and click on OPEN at the top right.

7. You will have this information showing from the Image above and you click on SEND

Now you have have just sent your images with their original format and size without loosing any quality.

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