Of recent times, businesses and so many activities are now carried out online which makes the internet an important part of our everyday lives. Some of us use the internet to watch educational stuff online which requires a strong internet speed. Most people also use the internet for streaming their events or programs online so the internet undoubtedly has been of use to everyone in one way or the other.

We all can testify how frustrating it is sometimes when we get stuck in the middle of something important online due to slow internet speed. This has posed a challenge on the network operators to come out with the fastest internet speed so that customers can have a smooth experience on the internet. 

In view of this, Vodafone Ghana on the 19th of March, 2019, launched their 4G internet service. This now makes them the second network operators in Ghana with 4G internet service rivaling with MTN Ghana.

This new 4G service is in most cities across the country and people have started enjoying and talking about the service. 

I will be showing you how you can check to see if,
1. Your SIM supports the service.
2. Your phone supports the service.
3. Your location supports the service.

How do you check all these?
Well, you can be able to check all these right on your phone. 
Just pick your phone, go to the phone dialer and dial *700#
Then select option 6(Check 4G Status)
Another options appear. Select option 1 to  check phone or SIM readiness or option 2 to check 4G coverage location. 

If you realise your SIM card doesn't support the service, you can walk to any nearby Vodafone Office to have that sorted out. 
But if it is your phone that doesn't support, you will have to acquire a new 4G phone to be able to enjoy the service. 
Lastly, if you are currently not on a 4G coverage area, that means you cannot enjoy the service from where you are. You might have to wait soon until the service is extended to your location. 

But if your phone passes the SIM and Phone test, you can always enjoy the service if you travel to any location that has the 4G service. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, check back soon for more interesting topics and don't forget to share. 
Thank you. 

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