Do we know that our service providers like MTN, Vodafone, Tigo and other external services like Google can monitor the sites we visit from our devices?
When you open your browser and surf through any site for example,, they can keep records of every webpage you browse through.
Tor browser was initially available on Windows, Linux and Apple MacOS and was used by most people who value their online privacy. It is very simple to setup and allows you full control over your anonymity online where no one monitors the sites you visit.
Most of the dark net sites are only hosted here and can never be accessed from any ordinary browser. They have their dedication links call the onion links which can only be accessed using a tor browser.
TOR is an abbreviation for "The Onion Router"
Also, most sites that sell secret stuff like stolen credit cards informations, bank account details, social security numbers, dates of births all use this browser where no one can monitor the activities going on there or track your location.
Most people also use it for carding. Carding is a term given to the method of using fake or stolen credit cards to shop on the internet. This is always done with caution so that no one knows your actual location. Other people also use VPNs to change their location on their devices before doing this.
So if for any reason you want to stay anonymous on the internet like a ghost where no one can check your activities or track you down, you should go for this browser. The android version has been released and it is available on Google Play Store.
Just download it and gain control over the internet life.
Download Tor Browser Here for android.

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