Hello cherished readers, I will be teaching you how to easily fund your PayPal account in Ghana with mobile money for your online transactions.
PayPal is one of the leading online payment system in the world. Most people have PayPal accounts and if you still don't have one, you can read this post to create your own PayPal account; How to create a verified PayPal account in Ghana.

We will be using an online betting site to do this exchange process called 1xbet.
It is a betting site with so many options to deposit and withdraw funds conveniently.
Most of you know of 1xbet and are using it already to bet. But this tutorial will only show you how to use  it to fund your PayPal account. You don't need to bet with it but you should first of all create an account there. Visit from your mobile device or on PC and mobile too.

After creating an account you will have to deposit money there using Mobile money. It is very easy to do that.

If you're using a mobile device, tap on the profile icon shown by a red circle

Then select deposit

Then choose which mobile money service you're using; MTN, VODAFONE, TIGO or AIRTEL. The website supports any of them.

After you deposit funds successfully, you will have it reflecting on your account. Now all we have to do is to withdraw it into our PayPal account. As simple as that. Just head to your profile and hit on withdraw funds as seen below.

Then select PayPal from the list. You can also withdraw to your skrill account or cryptocurrency.

After selecting PayPal, input the amount (in Ghana cedis) and your address and confirm

NOTE: This Process has to be done with extreme caution in order not to lose funds. You PayPal account must be verified and you should enable currency conversion in your PayPal settings so that the money can be converted to the equivalent dollars in your PayPal. There is a guide on the site showing you how you can enable currency conversion on your PayPal account.

If you have money in your PayPal account you want to send into your mobile money, you can use this procedure too. Under the deposit menu, you will have to select PayPal and input the amount you want to deposit and when that is done successfully, you go to withdraw them into your Mobile money account. As simple as that.

When you create your 1xbet account, you should go and input your mobile money number and other necessary information and very them before proceeding to use to method.

This is not the only way to get your mobile money into your PayPal account. There are several methods which will be shared here. Only use this method if you think it is convenient for you.

Thank you and please share, this blog is dedicated to provide relevant content to you at all times.

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