What are stocks?

 To begin with, stocks represent ownership in a company. When you buy a stock, you are essentially purchasing a small piece of that company. These pieces are called "shares." and as a shareholder, you have a claim on a portion of the company's assets and earnings so when the company makes money, you make money.

Imagine being a part of the ownership of the biggest companies in the world - especially your favorites, how cool is that. It doesn't matter the amount you have, you can still buy a small piece "shares" of a company and this post is here to guide you through. 

NOTE: The value of a stock can go up or down based on various factors, including the company's performance, market conditions, and investor sentiment. It is important to do a lot of research before picking a Stock to invest in. You don't have to invest in any stock just because you hear people talking about it without considering some factors for yourself. You can always do a little check about the company's potential growth. 

What is Bamboo (Invest)

With the help of the investment platform Bamboo, you may easily and rapidly access a variety of local and international investment possibilities from your smartphone.

Discovering the top local and international investment opportunities is quick and simple with Bamboo. Users can almost immediately fund their dollar or local currency balance and begin purchasing shares, ETFs, or Fixed Return investments with only a few taps. Learn more from their website here.

Bamboo has made this so easy to have access to the world's top stocks like Apple, Amazon, Paypal, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, etc and to invest in any of them from your smart phone in three steps

1. Create an Account. 

Bamboo currently operate in Ghana and Nigeria and it is very easy to create and get your account verified. All this can be done in about five mnutes. All you need is to select your country during the process and get verified with any governmnet issued ID. CLICK HERE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

2. Make a Deposit.

You can make a deposit easily with your local currency or bank card. Ghanaians can make deposits using Mobile Money and it will reflect instantly. You can convert balance between wallets.

Head over to your profile to deposit . The screenshot below will guide you.

3. Start Investing.

It's time to choose from your favorite public listed stocks, other African companies, mutual funds, or fixed income products from around the world. Just take time to explore the app/site to discover all the stocks available.  You can use the search icon to search for your desired stock.

 Choose a stock you'd like to invest in and tap on "Buy"

You will find three buy options which are all ways you can use to buy a stock but you can go for "Buy Now" which will buy at the stock's current price. The seond option allows you to set a limit lower than the current price of the stock so that when price goes down to that amount, it buys for you even if you're offline. The last option allows you to buy a stock when price goes above the current price. Maybe you are anticipating that if the price is able to go up to some amount, then the company has potential to do more and that is when you choose that option but as a beginner, going for the first option is okay. (Buy Now)

Lastly, you input the amount you want to buy in dollars. Currently, the minimun amount you can buy is $10. After this step, you own part of the company.

You can always monitor the performance of your stocks in your dashboard

DISCLAIMER: We do not offer financial advise on this website; do your own research before you invest in any stocks.

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