Have you ever been stranded and needed airtime or data but didn’t have mobile money on your wallet to buy?

Well I’m going to be telling you about the MTN Rewards which a lot of people do not know about.

For all the activities do you perform with your MTN SIM card, you are being rewarded some Loyalty points which you can redeem at anytime for airtime, data and other rewards. 

Cool right? Let me show you how to check your points and redeem rewards that correspond to your points accumulated.

First dial *550#

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And select option 7 “MTN Rewards

Reply with 99 to go to the next page 

Now select option 1 “Check points balance” to check your balance. You will sent an SMS indicating your balance as shown below 

Now you know your points, let’s go back to redeem.

Follow the same steps you used to check balance but now we won’t be selecting the option to check, we’ll rather select options 2 “Redeem points” 

That option brings you here and you choose whether you want to redeem for airtime or data bundle. Option 1 for Airtime and option 2 for Data Bundle. You can also try other rewards.

This indicate the airtime you’ll get for the number of points . Choose the amount your points can be redeemed for and proceed and that’s it. You’ll have your airtime added to your balance. 

It’s the same if you choose the option for data bundle; just choose the amount of data your points can afford.

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