A gif tcard is a card issued by a retailer as an alternative to a non-monetary gift, allowing the bearer to use it in purchasing goods of its worth.
Every gift card has its value of worth it can be used for in terms of an amount. We can have our friends sending them to us gifts from diferent parts of the world.
But what do you am Amazon or Nike gift card if you dont really intend shopping with it. You can always exchange it for cash. In this case, you might sell it in a percentage relatively lesser than its actual value.

How to do you really make money in trading gift cards
You can create a website for your service or better still make use of WhatsApp and Facebook pages to talk about what you do.
You will have to buy gift cards from people who are willing to sell at a percentage and resell them to those who also want the gift cards to do shopping or use for other things online.
You have to set a buying price and a selling price. Your prices should be in a way that people wouldn't loose much selling to you and those buying from you too will see your price reasonable.

People who are ready to sell wouldn't mind selling at a bit lesser price since you will always be ready to buy from them and those who need it urgently will always be ready too buying at a good price if you are ready to serve always

There are so many resellers already out there so you will have to do a bit research before you set your prices so as to attract more customers. You will have an amount to gain at the end of every resell. It might look small at the beginning but as you resell more and gain more popularity, you will be surprised what that can turn into.

You would have to create a flyer about your service and advertise on WhatsApp groups and also on facebook pages. You can have some of your friends share that with their contacts too.

Target more on gift cards that are widely used by many and also set prices that will attract more customers

Another good way you can make use of giftcards you buy from friends is to exchange them for Bitcoin. I know you already have knowledge on what Bitcoin is and how it has become widely used for transaction and also  as a value which people invest in.
You can do so by using a website call Paxful
All you need to do is to head there and create an account, and the rest, you will be able to go about with it. It is so simple to use.

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