Hello guys, I trust you are all doing well.
I stumbled upon an app that really pays without any investment which I think I should let you know of. You get paid instantly into your mobile money wallet.
Make use of this opportunity while it last because you wouldn't be investing anything.

We hear of people talking about how they make money online and all is through this little things they put so much effort in and it yields something greater for them.
Your earning amount will depend on the energy you put into it.

Let's get started....

Chipper Cash  is a fast growing payment solution and it's app has been newly launched in Africa and gaining a good stand.

Now, they are giving everyone an opportunity for everyone to earn something for inviting friends to sign up for this service.
There is no time to waste here.

How it works. 

It is an app that allows us send money to each other and to anyone in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda or Ghana instantly!

Anytime someone refers you to the service and you sign up, you will receive 5 ghc only. You can sign using your mobile number or email address.
You also get 5 ghc anytime you refer someone. So if you successfully refer 2 people, you get 2 × 5 which is 10 cedis, you refer 4 people and get 20 cedis.
But you can withdraw even if you refer one person and the withdrawal will reflect instantly on your mobile money wallet.
You can see examples of withdrawals below

See what someone has been able to achieve from hard work. You can also achieve this and even greater

Sign up using the link below to get your 5 ghc.
Or input the code; CTU4H to redeem your price when you are using the service from web but I will advice you use the app.
Download App Here 
After you sign up, Just copy your link and share with friends to join, share on WhatsApp groups and Facebook to get a lot of people then sit back and watch your balance grow as they sign up under you.
You can go to the Earn tap below and share link as below.
Share you link on Ghanaian Facebook pages with so many comments, like news pages or pages related to earning money in Ghana. You will be surprised to see a lot of people signing up under you. 

Verification Process(very important)

Before you can make any withdrawals, your account needs to be approved and that will be after you verify.
After you have signed up, go the profile category and scroll down and click on verify account. You will be taken through the verification process.
You can very with your voters ID or SSNIT card. Just make sure the name you used in registration tallies with what you have on your ID.
Registration takes 2 business days but there's a hint to get verified quickly and start withdrawing. You can do so by chatting with a team member under your profile and tell the agent you have just verified and waiting approval. You will be approved quickly.
Try to do the registration process immediately after you register though you can start inviting people after registration but withdrawals will only be made after you've been verified successfully.

This really works and you should grab the chance now before so many people get to know of it.

Sign Up Here

If you are facing any problems, you can reach out to me for any help on a WhatsApp Chat 

Please share with friends and always visit this blog as we promise to bring relevant and useful content. 


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